We are going Where?

We purchased the Good Rain a Pearson 365 Ketch October 2016 with the possible thought of taking her further than both of us had been before.

By January of 2017 it started to become more of a reality.

The Captain began talking of sailing to the South Pacific and on to New Zealand!

So began a whirl wind of activity.

We attended Blue Water Cruising seminars, signed up for courses, asked questions, bought books and began the research. Each day we were planning, buying, installing or building something.


We bought a well rigged sail boat but that was only the beginning.  The real LIST began and so did the work. Luckily the Captain, a.k.a. McGyver, was able to perform many incredible feats installing equipment while kneeling, horizontal, vertical, in pretzel mode, at times dangling with both feet in the air or his entire body atop one of two masts, sometimes what looked like both masts at once!

The LIST had a life of its own:  new storm sail/rigging, SSB radio, VHF portable radio, chart plotter, dingy and wheels and motor, kayaks (inflatable), winches, Hydrovane, Jorden Series drogue, propane tanks, toilet, sat phone, inreach communicator, eperb, PFD, laptop, printer, jack lines, more lines and extra rigging, plus many other smaller but also necessary items.

Then there was the provisioning.  The food saver is my friend! I vacuum packed everything I could lay my hands on! I even vacuum packed items in the “ditch” bag, the Captain laughed at that but then expressed that was not such a bad idea. Maybe you should do that to the tools as well.  Hmmm…….yes that is a good idea but if you could see the buckets of tools you too would somehow “forget” to vacuum. I did place many items in zip lock bags, as I learned from last year, the salt air and dampness destroys.

Then there was the planning.  I now have a 3″ binder stuffed with info for each leg of the journey: USA, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, French Polynesia, New Zealand.  Entry procedures are all-consuming and quite detailed.  Maybe I should put together a booklet in my spare time. Hmmmm……..

Then there was the clearing out the entire house in order for our tenants to move in. Items had to be sold, items had to be put into storage, sometimes Captain should have been put into storage and vice versa but we did it.

There there was the good-bye which really has not felt like a good bye at all as we are first sailing around Vancouver Island and over to the Queen Charlotte Islands before leaving Canadian waters.  It has been teary for me as I think about my son, the island where I have lived for over 20 years, family and friends.  No looking back. Onward.

There have been many, many learning curves for myself as well as the Captain. I believe we basically enjoy that aspect for good or bad, happy or screaming mad.

Sail Away, Sail Away.


Author: svgoodrain@gmail.com

Currently letting 2019 unfold as it should

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