The little things.

July 4th – We arrived in Campbell River on the 2nd and have stayed due to strong northerly winds. Not much fun bashing into the wind hour after hour, besides we have plenty of time.

Amazing what we take for granted each day. Take water for example. Turn the tap on, plenty of it and clean.  Prior to leaving I had filled four, 4L jugs with water and put them into the freezer. No point using battery power for the boat fridge when I could have frozen containers sitting nicely at the bottom.  The ice jugs usually keep everything cold for about two days.

On day two as we were heading toward Savory Island I found no water was available from the tap.  Something must be wrong with the system! Well not so much, as it turned out (after much investigation and tearing things apart – mainly hair!) the water tanks were not as full as was thought and we had now used the very last drop of water.

We might have a boat load of electronic gizmos that possibly could communicate with Chris Hadfield (if he were still on the international space station) but not one drop of water from three onboard water tanks. Now this certainly would have been a bit of a sticky wicket had it not been for the frozen water jugs which by now were half melted. How fortunate we were – still close to numerous ports to put in at, it would have been quite a different situation otherwise.


By July 3rd we were still in Campbell River and cycling at every opportunity.  Shall we go for breakfast? Sure! and outcome the bikes. How about an ice cream?  We need some elastic bands, another coffee,coat hooks, a new clock, how about going to a movie and a TOILET.

Ah yes, the little things in life. Who would ever admit to being the proud owner of a new toilet. I would!  The other one looked ancient and with all ancient things became sluggish, slow and did what it wanted to.  The Captain said it was supposed to be one of the better/easier ones to fix. Well easy to fix it may be but not so easy to obtain the necessary parts.  Would be an excellent anchor for without a doubt it weighed in at a good 50 pounds!

Out with the old and in with the new is my motto.

Captain not included.




Currently letting 2019 unfold as it should

One thought on “The little things.”

  1. What’s Important Now? (WIN), is to plot your course, set sail, stay the
    course even in the rough times and make sure you Enjoy The Journey!!!

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