Batten Down the Hatches

We went through some quite choppy waters prior to reaching Helmcken Island.  As I learned from last year’s adventures going to Alaska, have everything secured before setting sail.

Still I found myself racing back and forth inside, securing the port lights (windows), when the Captain yells down – “close the forward hatch”!

We have hatches?

There are two hatches, one forward over the v-berth (where we sleep) and one mid ship, both are covered with kayaks and a dinghy.  I completely forgot about them.  Fortunately, I had not placed the computer, phones and tablets on top of the bed yet.  I went running or more like taking one giant step, wait, then another giant step as the boat was rocking and rolling.

Funny what goes through your mind, at least mine anyway.   As I was taking those giant steps I thought of the game we played as children.  What Time is It Mister Wolf?  The wolf would command us to take one giant step forward, eventually one of us would be close enough to be captured and then be eaten. Bet Freud would have a great time analyzing that one.

Oh! No!  a huge puddle of water was in the middle of the bed.  Then I realized that it was on top of the thick sleeping bag, saved!  I gathered it up quickly before it soaked through to the rest of the bedding.

In the middle of all this the Captains cell phone rang. What the heck, when all hell is breaking lose why not have others join in on the fun.   It was our friend Doug.  I told Doug what happened to the sleeping bag and he just laughed and said get used to salt water sheets.

No way man!

He kept laughing, which made me laugh.

Perspective, it all comes down to perspective.






Currently letting 2019 unfold as it should

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