Daily Log

July 17

We are anchored in a small bay in Haida Gwaii, formerly known as the Queen Charlottes.  This morning Orcas came into the bay, which really took us by surprise as it is very shallow in most of the area. The tide was high and they knew what they were doing.  Very methodical, going up one side of the bay, around a small island and then back out to sea.  Later, when we kayaked to shore we saw a seal pop its head up, no doubt what the Orcas had been hunting for.

The Captain had determined that we would be able to hike to a small lake not far up into the mountains.  It was not a far distance but it meant bush whacking through brush, climbing over fallen trees, getting our feet wet, slipping in mud and scrambling over rocks.  Basic hiking.

It was a beautiful private lake.  We had thought it would be the ideal place to wash but the lake was cold, not enough sun over the last while to even warm the edges.  The small flies were such a nuisance and my forehead looks like Frankenstein’s from the bites.  Captain has nary a bite on him, too salty for their taste I would guess.

By the time we wound our way back down I was tired and I am sure the Captain was too, for he carried the back pack and it was heavy with rope in case it was needed.

It was a gorgeous day and a peaceful evening.

Pinch me.


July 18

Another sun filled day.  We did some more hiking, to another lake nearby.  Flies not as vicious this time but they did find new parts of me to consume.  Once again, a private lake all to ourselves.  Water remained cold but this time we did take the time to wash off.  We have been at the same bay for three days now, I was amazed the time had gone by so quickly.


July 19

Both of us were awake at 0200 and got up to look at the stars.  What a show.  The Milky Way was on display, something I have not seen in over 20 years.

When I first moved to Vancouver Island my son and I would go down to Island View Beach out on the Peninsula and have a camp fire (the good old days).  I remember looking up and with amazement realized that I was looking at the Milky Way.  I had always lived in urban areas so had never until that moment observed what the night sky truly looked like.  Spectacularly crowded!

No hiking today.  We moved onto another secluded bay.

I did some housekeeping and washed some clothing, the Jack Lines are also excellent drying lines.

Tomorrow we will hike to more lakes.

The mosquitos are salivating.





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Currently letting 2019 unfold as it should

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