Sailing 1.0

The Language of Sailing

The term Apparent Wind is used to describe how the observer sees the wind from the boat and True Wind can only be observed when the boat is not moving.

What the sailing dictionary does not tell you is that the Apparent Wind will blow every tiny single little piece of dirt onto and into the boat!  The boat becomes one huge floating dust bunny.  I have visions of all manner of sea life attached to the underside of the vessel, some looking quite confused while others are going along for the ride.

Take the term Standing Rigging and Running Rigging – the Captain would throw these words at me and I would wonder where this rigging is standing and where in the heck is it running to?

Genoa but not the one in Italy.  The Genoa is the most forward sail other than a spinnaker, (not to be confused with Spinnakers Pub in Victoria) and known as a fore sail.

Sheet, no not a bed sheet, sheet of paper or oh sheet!  It refers to a rope.   It is the rope to pull in the boom for the main sail.  Not a boom rope, not a main rope but a sheet rope.  All together now, SHEET!

Jack Lines, used to clip yourself onto via a tether which is attached to your PFD (personal flotation device).  Jack Lines run the length of the boat and toward the outside.   The purpose is to prevent you from being thrown off the boat.  Now where would the term Jack come from?  I can only imagine the fishermen in the local pub going – “tsk, tsk, if poor old Jack only had tied his self to a rope”.  “Aye, if Jack had only used a Line”.






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