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Most of us live every waking moment tied to time.  When to get up, go to sleep, appointments to keep, be to work “on time” and waiting “for the time” to retire.

You would think that by the “time” you do retire time would retire also.  Not so!  Now begins the race against time.

One of goals with this journey is to slow time down, become more laid back, forget about “time”.  What’s the rush?  Well our intentions were good and you know the road to hell is paved …………

Our first mini leg of the journey has been to the north end of Vancouver Island and that has been based entirely on time.  The old tide/current time.  No getting away from it.  If you want to make good time then you must go with the flow, the current that is.

On July 4th we were raring and ready to leave Campbell River, had it all figured out.  Looked at the Chart Plotter (electronic navigational device) and yep it was there in black and white, leave the next morning.  Up at the crack of dawn, ride over to have breakfast at Banner’s, which by the way is a wonderful place. Excellent food, plenty of it but the best part – nothing but 60’s music is played in the back ground.  Love it!  I was only 13 in 1969 and remember the music well.  Will miss that place.

As we arrive back at the boat, the Captain said this isn’t making any sense, meaning the level of the tide.  Back to the Chart Plotter.  This is when we finally discover that the times indicated for tide/current is way out.  Head scratching/hair pulling session begins.

Time out.

The Charter Plotter had not been configured for time.  But not the usual/normal time.  It had to be configured for UTC time, also known as Greenwich Mean Time.  The Plotter thickens!  Now it must be configured for a positive or negative UTC time, for example where we live it is -7 UTC hours.

It is interesting how we have become so accustom to our devices providing us the correct “time” no matter where we are.  Own a computer? Apple or Android phone – they don’t ask us for UTC time!  Start them up and the correct time appears.

Fortunately, I remembered with all the reading I had done over the last six months that our UTC time would be on the negative side but by how much?  Hello Siri?

We still need to depend on time as we go along, as we have a couple of deadlines to meet but from now on not so much.

Good night, it is bedtime.


Author: svgoodrain@gmail.com

Currently letting 2019 unfold as it should

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