Food for Thought

We have been sailing now for six weeks.  Not a long time and not very far off shore, approximately 60 to 100 miles at any one time.  It is a funny thing though, you begin to think of that Tim Horton’s coffee and bagel, ice cream, watermelon or even a burger (we prefer chicken) and then you begin to look at what you have on the boat and how to substitute.

Our jello puddings have become ice cream, corn beef with spaghetti sauce is getting better every day and Timmy’s coffee, well there just isn’t any substitute.  What I did desire were some of those nice crunchy Cheezie’s, not the cheese puffs (too poufy for me) and licorice.  Sea food chowder is not too bad; one can of mushroom soup, can of green peas, carrots and mushrooms, cook and dice a potato, open a can of salmon or tuna and voila!

Our next long haul at sea will be when we leave Bamfield (by about August 17th) on the west coast of Vancouver Island and head south to San Francisco; that will take us approximately 7 to 10 days at sea. We have plenty of provisions but it is the fruit, bread and cheese we seem to rip through after the first week or so.

I begin to wonder how we will fair when we are two weeks at sea or longer and provisions of meat etc. are now dwindling.

As I lick my lips, Captain eyes me suspiciously; oven cooked rump roast, haven’t tasted that in a long time.


Currently letting 2019 unfold as it should

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