Tracks and Poo

Last year during our sailing trip to Alaska I became fascinated with mushrooms.  I took pictures of every different one I could find.  There were ones that looked like popcorn and all grouped together, then there were bright orange ones that climbed up trees, had that one as a screen saver for a long time.  Then the old tough as nails ones, not pretty but ancient looking and I liked that they had become hard as the tree they inhabited. The best one of all was a purple mushroom ( I swear, mary ja wanna was not involved). It was the most beautiful colour, completely on its own and the one day, the very one day I did not bring the camera along!  That mistake did not happen again.

This brings me to this sailing trip.  I am gathering pictures of animal tracks and their poo.  Why?  Because it is extremely interesting.  Certainly not a unique thing to do but absolutely a skill that is not your normal thing to do or know.  We have all done the poo thing, lift foot up, scrape it on some grass and you know only too well what poo that was!

As for tracks, they can be found in sand, mud and snow.  I think snow is the best for viewing imprints of tracks.  It usually elicits surprise and a smile when you see the track of a bird, a raccoon, deer or the imprint of a snow angel that a child has made.  It is exquisite.

Captain purchased a book about tracks etc. when were we in Queen Charlotte City and I have had great fun taking pictures, then comparing them to the book, recording the date and location.

This year I have clearly identified bear (tracks and poo), raccoon (tracks and poo), deer (tracks and poo), rat (tracks only) and otter (tracks and poo).  We will forgo any mention of seagull, way too much of the p word.

Soon we will be leaving Canada and heading south.  Not sure what tracks or poo will be found but I am ready with camera in hand.


Currently letting 2019 unfold as it should

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