Yesterday I jumped from our boat into the water.  Currently we are anchored north of the San Rafeal area, off China Camp.  Last evening the temperatures were still up in the 90’s F (none of that sissy Celsius stuff) and we had to cool down.  It was brutal.  Haven’t experienced heat like that daily in over 20 years.

Off the bow of the boat the Captain goes. Like walking for him, easy peasy.  I finally follow suit with hesitation, not because the water was too deep (only about 10 feet or so), not because it was too cold but because I could not see beneath the surface.  The water is murky and I have never ever liked that. Being from Ontario there isn’t a lake that I have been to that you can see what “lies beneath”.  Given the imagination that I have at times, I visualize all sorts of “things” that will grab, hold onto and pull me down.

I had said to the Captain that I had never jumped from a boat before but that is not true at all.  We went scuba diving in Cozumel and jumped off a very large vessel day after day.  What I meant to say was I had never jumped into water that I could not see clearly what was below me.  Although this was a very minor situation it did require my mantra – “walk into the web” or what I usually think – “what is the worst that could happen”.  Then I let myself go.

It was heavenly!  The current was quite quick and if not aware of this you would be drifting away within seconds.  Captain had made sure that a rope with a flotation was available to reach.  I held the rope and let the current run past me.  Warm currents and then cold currents could be felt but it was wonderful.

Sometimes you have to just jump in.


Author: svgoodrain@gmail.com

Currently letting 2019 unfold as it should

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