Santa Barbara

We absolutely enjoyed this community.  Incredible bike lanes, beautiful beaches with cycling/walking/jogging paths, warm weather and an excellent marina and not expensive.

Santa Barbara marina is the cleanest I have seen yet and that includes the marina water also and this is why.  When you arrive there an officer with harbor patrol comes down to your boat and places a red tablet into the toilet.  Should you be foolish enough to flush your toilet overboard and not into the boat’s holding tank, the dye in the red tablet will surround your boat.  I cannot imagine the penalty involved as the Harbor Patrol Officer was very serious about his duties.  Must say, would like to see all marinas do this.

It was so relaxing there. We ate well, cycled all over, found a place for morning coffee and a sweet. Went to a movie – American Made, a must to see, found the library for wifi, although there are plenty of places all around town.

Would loved to have stayed a few more days but we had dock space reserved in San Diego and time became our master.


Currently letting 2019 unfold as it should

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