As of December 2017, we were in La Paz, Mexico.  It is now towards the end of March 2018 and I have returned to blog.  LOA is a term many in the working world know of which is referred to as a “Leave of Absence” and that is what I took.  Some would venture to say I took “Leave of my Senses”.  Suffice to say the sailor and the sea drew me back as the journey is far from over.

As I soaked up the rain in Victoria,BC  I scraped moss off the car, congratulated myself on the money saved by allowing mother nature to wash the car (EVERY SINGLE DAY); the Captain was more than delighted to report the daily weather – sunny skies and warm breezes.  Geesh!

While on my LOA Captain kept busy.  The boat was hauled out, the underside painted, the entire boat polished, the teak cleaned and varnished (six coats), stainless steel all polished, dingy cover made, kayak covers reworked (we have different kayaks now and the covers were too tight), stainless steel grab rails made for the hatch entrance and grab rail made for the galley. He also had a teak grate made for the cockpit but the workmanship has been disappointing and is now falling apart.

It was wonderful to return to La Paz and bicycle to town (about 4 kms one way), run errands, stop for a coffee and treat.  La Paz is not a bad cycling town.  The evenings would see groups of road cyclists practicing up and down the main street.  We found that the majority of motorists watched out for us, mind you we constantly made sure to give way, make eye contact and to always wave a thank you.  Captain had attached a squeaky toy on his handle bar and would give children, young people and construction workers a squeak, squeak, everyone would always laugh with surprise.

Captain became known for riding in and out of town and for the squeaky toy.  I was with him the day the local police had a road check going on.  They waved him over and wanted him to do the squeak, squeak, I am not kidding!

La Paz is a great place to become more immersed with the people, throw yourself into communicating in Spanish, taking a breath and deciding where to go next (or not go at all).

There is a saying – “you are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy” and it applies to Mexico as it does to any country; it looks, smells, tastes and sounds different to what we know and are comfortable with.  Being here has given us the opportunity to step back and realize how very fortunate we are.

Next stop – Puerto Vallarta.

Author: svgoodrain@gmail.com

Currently letting 2019 unfold as it should

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