Ghosts of Christmas Past

It is as the title might suggest, December and Christmas day is not far off; although if you are a Costco member you know when the real Christmas Season begins – October 1st!  The ghosts and goblins of Halloween cower in the corner.

This brings me to the subject of Christmas lights. Last year while we were in San Diego around the time of Halloween, I purchased two sets of stringed lights that were in the shape of small white ghosts. I never did put them up and discovered them while cleaning up the boat this year when we arrived back in Mexico.  Halloween was over but no matter, I strung them up inside which provided a nice soft glow.

It is now December and my ghosts remain in place.  I refer to them as my ghosts of Christmas past but in a good way, no Scrooge story to be told here.

I love Christmas! My memories as a child, waking up to find that the presents that I saw before going to bed had now incredibly grown to double the size or more.  It was truly wonderous.  I still remember how I felt, utterly and completely stunned and wondered if some of those presents even belonged to me. Way into my adult hood mom and dad would still have many presents under the tree and the wonder never ceased.

Yes, the never-ending Christmas music in stores will get to me and yes seeing decorations in October for sale really irks me but I still love Christmas and all that it means to me.  It is not the religious meaning, never has been. It is the putting up of the tree, decorating, stringing of lights, friends, family, baking the sweets/cookies/bars to bring out each evening, sitting down exhausted from the holiday cooking, finding that one gift that expresses the love that sometimes words do not and the quiet evening before Christmas enjoying some old favorite movies.

Then Christmas Day!

The opening, ripping of paper, the noise level increasing as each gift was tossed to the next person.  Mom did not believe in the gentle quiet opening of gifts, she wanted things to be lively and therefore would begin throwing gifts in the direction of the person’s name.  She was so much fun, loved being in tune and in touch with the times, tough as nails, loved to laugh at herself, would give me whatever I asked for (never did ask for anything) and loved me unconditionally.  I miss her dearly.

Dad on the other hand, well he really did not appreciate so much fun and noise, quiet and sedate would be more his cup of tea but he knew, get it all out of the way and then back to normal.  It was not until I was in my forties that I began to appreciate my dad and his stoic ways. I rebelled constantly as a teenager and for many years against his conservative ways for not embracing or understanding the new. His had made his way through some very tough years as a child and then as an adult, all of which shaped who he was.  He was a good, sound, logical thinker who loved me unconditionally and provided excellent counsel when asked.  I miss him dearly.

While being in the warmth and sun of Mexico is welcomed compared to the snow and cold I remember from younger days or the rain and clouds of Vancouver Island where I reside now – I would trade this in a heart beat to step back for that one day to be with all those who are no longer here, to catch one of those presents, sit down to a table brimming with family and food.  The lights on the tree with ornaments that were made by small hands and lovingly saved over the years, to the crunch of my feet in the snow, the clear cold night sky and the quiet that stretched around the world.

Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year


In memory – Mom, Dad, Charles, Dave xo and Sophie cat


Currently letting 2020 unfold

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