Sailing in a different Direction

This is the last blog post for sv Good Rain.

It has been a great run for 90% of the time, absolutely no regrets as I have had amazing adventures over the past three years and truly never ever thought I would  be as challenged as I was.

It most certainly had been a love/hate relationship with sailing but I grew to absolutely appreciate what true sailing means.

I must honestly say that I will and do miss my sailboat.  I miss the feel of the water while sailing, the quiet, the wind, the exploring, the continual learning – for it never does stop, the planning, the weather, the care of the boat, I will genuinely miss all of it.

I enjoyed sharing my experiences and decided to start a new blog, the new page is:

Why Flash Forward?

I had been visiting my son, he and his partner had been watching a series called Flash which is a show about supper heroes.  They fight villains from alternate earth’s and in different centuries. An interesting concept, going to an alternate earth and time, watching your past or seeing your future.  Scary on both accounts.

Now I must Flash Forward and see what the future holds. Looking forward to traveling, cycling, kayaking, visiting family and possibly a long overdue trip to the east coast.

Thanks for visiting.



Currently letting 2020 unfold

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